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Proklean Technologies treats textile and leather effluent using microbes


Use of microbial technology to clean and treat leather and textile industries' products.

Product or concept

Manufactures completely natural products of probiotic origin to replace chemicals used in treatment and cleaning in different industries. Ex. Leather, Textile, Household Cleaning Products, etc.

Problem being solved

Proklean’s range of products addresses the environmental concerns of using chemicals for treatment and cleaning in diverse industries.

Process or technology involved

  • Uses a unique probiotic technology that uses microbes as the cleaning and treatment agent.
  • Have used this process to build five such products - a soaking agent, a dispersing agent, a degreaser, a neutralising agent and a fixing agent.
  • All these replace environmentally harmful chemicals used in these industries.

Sustainability benefits

  • Less chemical consumption and less chemicals in waste water to be treated.

User segments that will benefit

  • Textile Industry
  • Leather Industry
  • Chemical Engineering Companies
  • Waste Water Management Firms/NGOs
  • Environmental Biotechnology Firms

People or organizations involved

  • Company: Proklean Technologies
  • People: Dr Sivaram Pillai, B Chandrasekhar, Vishwadeep Kuila

Innovations or USPs

  • Delivers excellent results with lower consumption of water.
  • Products are non-chemical, non-toxic and bio-degradable.

Related engineering, science or business topics

  • Biotechnology
  • Chemical Engineering
  • Industrial Waste Management
  • Textile Engineering
  • Leather Technology

Awards & recognitions

Parivarthan Sustainability Leadership Award, 2015

Other interesting highlights

  • Proklean Technologies has been funded by Chennai Angels and Infuse Ventures
  • Alrerady have expanded internationally, with customers in USA, Brazil, Mexico, Germany etc.

Office is located at:



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