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Krya Personal Care Products


Krya develops eco-friendly, chemical free plant based personal care and home range products.

Product or concept

Created a line of sustainable plant based products for self-care and eco-friendly house-hold supply alternatives.

Problem being solved

Provides products that have minimal ecological footprint, are eco-friendly, cruelty free and minimize waste at every point in the product’s lifestyle.

Limited range of eco-friendly and cruelty free products in household and personal care product manufacturing industries.

Process or technology involved

  • Sources the natural ingredients from across the country.
  • Applies ayurvedic recipes to selected household and self-care products.
  • Tests the products in the in-house lab.
  • Lastly, products are manufactured at their factory in Siruseri­.

Sustainability benefits

  • Operates using cradle to cradle design principle for minimizing waste along every step of the product's lifecycle.
  • Employs women (economically weaker sections) from the surrounding areas for their upliftment.
  • Uses natural ingredients instead of chemical alternatives to protect and prevent environmental degradation.

User segments that will benefit

  • Organic Farmers
  • Eco-friendly Businesses Practitioners
  • Consumer Sustainability Management Firms

People or organizations involved

Co: Krya

People: Preethi Sukumaran and Srinivas Krishnaswamy

Innovations or USPs

  • They source their ingredients from places that grow them in an organic and sustainable manner.
  • Have invested in storage techniques to keep their ingredients fresh and potent for the intended time period.
  • Produce their product ranges at their own factory in Siruseri. This reduces transportation and other energy intensive costs.

Related engineering, science or business topics

  • Ayurvedic Science
  • Sustainable Farming
  • Supply Chain Management

Awards & recognitions

  • Krya has gathered a online fanbase in Chennai.
  • Has been on the forefront of zero-waste and sustainable living since early 2000s in Chennai.

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