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My Harvest Farms, a platform for organic farming enthusiasts


My Harvest Farms initiates urban dwellers with the basics of organic and natural farming at their homes.

Product or concept

Provides organic farming kits and assistance to urban crowds.

Problem being solved

Lack of practical education about harmful effects of chemical intensive farming techniques on soil and human health.

Process or technology involved

Grow your own:

  • Customers purchase minimum of 5 vegetables from a given list. They are provided the organic farming kit (soil, seeds, fertiliser, etc).
  • My Harvest team helps them with how to use tools to start their first harvest.

Community Farm:

  • Urban families choose their vegetables. These are grown at a community farm that can host between 30-60 such families.
  • Fresh produce is home delivered
  • Families can also visit the community farms anytime.

Sustainability benefits

  • Transparency in organic farming processes.
  • Healthy, chemical free food grown at the convenience of your home.

User segments that will benefit

  • Apartment Complexes
  • Residential Households
  • Educational Institutions
  • Organic Farmers

People or organizations involved

Co: My Harvest Farming

People: Archana Stalin, Stalin Kalidoss, Somu Kalidoss


Innovations or USPs

  • The kits are personalised to suit each customer.
  • House visits during first consultation is done to equip the consumer with tools and practical knowledge.
  • The company engages with the customer till they receive their first harvest.

Related engineering, science or business topics

Agricultural science


Awards & recognitions

The founders, Archana Stalin and Stalin Kalidoss were covered by several newspapers in their early stages of organic farming.

Other interesting highlights

They would like to also focus on school based gardening through the following:

  • One day hands on workshops
  • 2-3 months programme in the school’s premises
  • Farm visits for children  

Office located at:



My Harvest Farms

My Green Organic Farm

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