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Rain Centre, a hub for information on rainwater harvesting methods


Rain Centre spreads awareness and are involved in the construction of rainwater harvesting units in Chennai.

Product or concept

Akash Ganga Trust runs Rain Centre – hub for information on rain water harvesting methods.

Problem being solved

The organisation tackles low ground water levels in Chennai.

Process or technology involved

  • Rain Centre aids in construction, maintenance and inspection of rain water harvestings units in Chennai.
  • They conduct surveys/ audits on state of rainwater harvesting in Chennai City.

Sustainability benefits

  • Rainwater harvesting recharges the ground water table every year.
  • Helps in maintaining a level of required groundwater needed for residents use.

User segments that will benefit

  • Apartment Complexes
  • Residential Houses
  • Real Estate Developers

People or organizations involved

Co. Akash Ganga Trust, Rain Centre

Director: Sekar Raghavan

Innovations or USPs

  • One stop for all structural knowledge and implementation for different rainwater harvesting methods.
  • Costs of setting up the unit are inexpensive.
  • Simple and proven solution to water scarcity.
  • Maintenance required is only once every year.

Related engineering, science or business topics

  • Product development
  • Water conservation and management
  • Civil Engineering

Awards & recognitions

  • Sekar Raghavan received the Ashoka Award in 2002.
  • Due to his efforts in spreading knowledge about rainwater harvesting measures and compulsory state government’s rainwater harvesting scheme in 2002, ground water in Chennai rose by 20 feet.

Who can contribute or get involved?

  • Municipal Corporations
  • Residential Complexes
  • New House Owners
  • Real Estate Developers
  • Architecture Firms

Other interesting highlights

  • As part of its outreach efforts, the Rain Centre runs eco-tours for school students.
  • Late CM Jayalalitha inaugurated Rain Centre in 2001.
  • Partnership with CSE (Indian Centre for Science and Environment) helped open the Rain Centre in 2001.
  • Rain Centre has a permanent exhibition displaying different aspects of traditional and modern rainwater harvesting systems in India.
  • Visitors can learn about initiatives spearheaded in the city and in the coastal plains.
  • Extensive technical expertise since 2001.

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Akash Ganga Trust, Rain Centre, Rain Water Harvesting, Chennai

WATER OF INDIA: Rainwater Harvesting Centre, Chennai

Rain water harvesting

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Make a visit to get a first-hand experience

Sekhar Raghavan : The centre is located in Adyar, Chennai.

Akash Ganga Trust Rain Centre : The organisation has been driving and building rainwater harvesting structures since 2001. They have training sessions and a depth of information related to the different rainwater harvesting structures that can be installed in different regions of Chennai.

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Sekar Raghavan : Akash Ganga Trust has several training programs that help one understand a suitable solution for their respective homes/complexes.

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