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Bounce Salon promotes sustainable lifestyle through its services


Bounce Salon promotes concepts of sustainable living through its salon services.

Product or concept

The place incorporates different environmental design methodologies as a apart of its experience.

Problem being solved

Reduces the consumption of water, energy and plastics used in a commercial salon environment.

Process or technology involved

Salon has implemented the following initiatives to ensure lower generation of waste and water recycling is promoted.

  • Set up solar panels.
  • Proper plumbing network for reuse of water.
  • Investing in sustainable and environmental friendly personal care product brands.
  • Using/ upcycling sustainable materials in its interiors.
  • Setting up indoor plant based air purifiers.

Sustainability benefits

  • Reduces water consumption in a commercial space.
  • Reduces amount of energy consumed from the grid.
  • Decreases amount of waste generated.

User segments that will benefit

  • Sustainable Materials Manufacturers
  • Alternative Eco Friendly Product Companies
  • Consumers looking for an environmental friendly salon experience.

People or organizations involved

Co: Bounce and Davine Hair Spa and Salon

Person: Vikram Mohan

Co: Saran Associates

Innovations or USPs

  • Repurposes the water from your hair wash to be used in its toilets.
  • Use of sustainable materials as furniture - Seats are made of composite chipboard and the reception desk is made of upcycled railway track wood.
  • Uses hemp cups instead of plastic/paper cups.

Related engineering, science or business topics

  • Architecture and Design
  • Water conservation and management

Awards & recognitions

India’s first Eco-Salon.

Other interesting highlights

  • 70% of the space is powered by solar panels.
  • A dedicated plant wall is set up – acting as a natural air purifier.

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