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Walk for Plastic initiative, an action platform for the environmentally conscious


Walk for Plastic is an initiative by an artist to be considerate of the environment and not litter.

Product or concept

Creating awareness about littering and helping in educating the ragpickers’ community.

Problem being solved

Littering and its impact on the environment.

Process or technology involved

  • While walking or jogging, one needs to wear gloves and pick up the plastics in their locality.
  • Collected plastics are given to old paper marts/ recyclers.
  • Money obtained is given for rag pickers’ educational needs.

Sustainability benefits

  • Reduces the amount of plastic litter present on the roads.
  • Reduces environmental and socio-economic inequality in a vulnerable community.
  • Promotes a healthy and friendly community.

User segments that will benefit

  • Residential/Apartment Complexes
  • Office Complexes.
  • Municipal Corporations.

People or organizations involved

Community: Walk for Plastic

Person: Gowtham B

Innovations or USPs

  • Each community in a specific area follows a certain route to actively promote a clean environment to its residents.
  • Helps ragpicker communities by providing necessary skills and education.

Related engineering, science or business topics

Waste Management


Who can contribute or get involved?

  • Students
  • Working Professionals
  • Educational Institutions
  • CSR Departments of Corporations.

Other interesting highlights

  • Close to 2 tonnes of plastic has been collected.
  • Walk for Plastic has seen 600+ volunteers save about 40,000 sq. ft of trash from accumulating in landfills.
  • Close to Rs. 20,000 has been collected and given to rag pickers’ children’s education.

Walks take place at different localities in:



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