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I Support Farming enables city dwellers to explore farming as a business option


I Support Farming aspires to make agriculture a profitable and viable business option.

Product or concept

The company promotes the need for an efficient agricultural business system amongst the modern day farmers.

Problem being solved

To reduce the inconsistency in technology and resources available to modern farmers.

Process or technology involved

  • The company connects urban and rural people.
  • Working capital comes from the urban dwellers.
  • The capital is used for the purchase of seeds, fertilisers, machinery etc. The company coordinates and monitors the processes between urban dwellers and rural farmers
  • Profit is shared by farmers, investors who provide working capital and the company.

Sustainability benefits

  • Increases the efficiency of the farming process.
  • Augments the amount of produce grown through best case practises and technical inputs

User segments that will benefit

  • Farmers
  • CSR Departments of Corporations
  • Agriculture Research Institutions

People or organizations involved

Co: I Support Farming

People: Vasanth Kumar Mani and Vijayakumar Mani

Innovations or USPs

  • Focuses on landless labourers and rural farmers, addresses the social sector where the impact is high.
  • Farmers are encouraged to take up additional income sources such as poultry etc.
  • Provided with technology and best case practises from agricultural institutions in the state.

Related engineering, science or business topics

  • Agricultural Science
  • Supply Chain Management

Awards & recognitions

  • Winner at All India Agri Start-up by Indian Council of Food and Agriculture, 2018.
  • Winner, Heroes of Chennai, Business Category, 2018
  • Top 10 Finalists, Tata Social Enterprise Challenge.
  • Winner, Emerging Start-up, Agriculture, South Indian Start up Awards.
  • Best Start-up,  Social Category, Startupreneur
  • Top 10 Finalist, Action for India.

Other interesting highlights

Currently mentored by Lakshmi Narayan, CEO of Cognizant.

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