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Innovative lithium ion batteries designed by GrinnTech Motors


GrinnTech Motors is a battery technology company that designs quality lithium ion batteries for 2 wheeler, 3 wheeler, and 4 wheeler vehicles.

Product or concept

They design lithium ion battery technology and provide battery management solutions to electrical vehicle manufacturers and battery manufacturers.

Problem being solved

To increase the availability of lithium ion battery packs for Indian vehicles.

Process or technology involved

  • They design the thermal, mechanical, hardware, software and electrical safety systems.
  • Also provide overall assembly of the battery packs.
  • Integrates battery management solutions that can log user’s data points and help analyse battery performance.
  • Licenses this out to battery manufacturers such as Exide and Amara Raja.

Sustainability benefits

  • Energy conservation through better design principles.
  • Increases the quality and durability of EV usage in India.

User segments that will benefit

  • Battery Manufacturers
  • Electrical vehicle Manufacturers.

People or organizations involved

Co: GrinnTech Motors and Services Pvt Ltd.

People: Puneet Jain, Nikhilesh Mishra

Innovations or USPs

  • Their thermal design is developed specifically for Indian conditions.
  • They have developed many mathematical models to obtain the best efficiency out of the battery pack.
  • Can get the design and commercialisation of the battery packs done in 3-4 months. (Markets usually takes about 18 months for the same).

Related engineering, science or business topics

  • Chemical Engineering
  • Electrical and Electronic Engineering
  • Computer Science

Awards & recognitions

Incubated at IIT M Research Park in 2017.

Other interesting highlights

Developed battery technology for Solar Kits. The same will be distributed in remote areas in Jammu & Kashmir, Assam and Manipur.

Start-up incubated at:



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Grinntech Motors : For more information regarding them, you can contact them through the website.

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Grinntech Motors : For more information on Lithium ion battery packs and battery management services offered by them, you can contact them through their website.

Connect with experts

Dr.M.Siluvai Michael : Dr.M.Siluvai Michael has been in the teaching and research field since 1999. She also has 3 patents to her name till now in the field of chemical engineering.

Konda Shiva : He is currently the team lead for Solid State Battery Group at IIT - Madras Research Park, Taramani.

Dr. Ramaprabhu, S : Dr. Ramaprabhu currently leads the Alternative Energy and Nanotechnology Laboratory at IIT - Madras

Dr.M.Sasidharan : Dr.M.Sasidharan has 14 years postdoctoral experience in UK, Netherlands, Germany, and Japan and 8 year teaching experience as on May 2019.

CSIR - Central Electrochemical Research Institute : They conduct training programs in battery technology and have quality testing laboratories present at the Chennai centre. For more details, you can contact the chief scientist whose contact is given here.

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