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Antariksh Waste Ventures’ Air Bin uses IoT based technology to collect waste


Antarisksh Waste Ventures’ AirBin Technology enables effective management of waste collection.

Product or concept

IoT technology based AirBin along with its own app provides updates on the fill-status of each bin in the locality.

Problem being solved

Reduces inefficiencies in solid waste management in a city.

Process or technology involved

  • AirBins are fitted with ultrasonic and load sensors to detect fill levels of garbage and calculate weight of garbage inside the bin.
  • Communicates the same to the stakeholders through notifications on their customised app.
  • Creates pick up alerts based on the fill-status of the bins.

Sustainability benefits

Reduces the quantity of waste strewn around in localities.

User segments that will benefit

  • Sanitation Contractor Firms
  • Residential/Apartment Complexes.
  • Municipal Corporation
  • Recycling Industry

People or organizations involved

Co: Antariksh Waste Ventures

People: Mahek Shah

Innovations or USPs

  • Technology can be fitted in new bins or retrofitted in the current bins present in the city.
  • Creates process flows for equipment management needs.
  • Improves turnaround time and operational efficiency of the contractors.

Related engineering, science or business topics

  • Computer Science
  • Electronics and Electrical Engineering

Awards & recognitions

  • Shortlisted, Top 10 Start-Ups, Qualcomm Design in India Challenge, 2019.
  • Incubated at IIT-M Incubation Cell.

Other interesting highlights

Currently running a pilot project in Thiruvanmiyur Beach area with 5 smart bins.

Start-up incubated at:



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