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Vayujal Technologies’ product generates potable water from air


Vayujal Technologies has developed an atmospheric water generator (AWG) that can produce water out of air.

Product or concept

Developed an atmospheric water generator (AWG) having a minimum of 100 L capacity.

Problem being solved

To reduce the groundwater dependency in water starved situations/regions.

Process or technology involved

  • Working is similar to an air conditioning unit – several surfaces are involved in the condensation of water.
  • Condensed water is filtered, treated, re-mineralised and made fit for drinking or cooking.

Sustainability benefits

Reduces the burden on groundwater levels used for domestic purposes.

User segments that will benefit

  • Residential/Apartment Complexes
  • Hospitality Chains
  • Healthcare Centres

People or organizations involved

Co: Vayujal Technologies

People: Ankit Nagar, Ramesh Kumar Soni

Innovations or USPs

  • Has patented a surface engineering technology and unit design to increase the water collecting efficiency of AWG units.
  • Also the unit provides water at a cost 10-20 times lower than the current bottled water costs.

Related engineering, science or business topics

  • Mechanical Engineering
  • Electrical and Electronics Engineering

Awards & recognitions

Start-up is incubated at IIT M’s Incubation Cell.

Other interesting highlights

  • Produced five AWGs so far – four of 100 litres-a-day capacity and one 400-litres-a-day unit, all of which are being tested out in various locations in and around IIT-M.
  • AWGs work well in coastal regions where the humidity content in the atmosphere is high.

Start-up incubated at:



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Vayujal Technologies : For more information regarding their products, you can contact them through their facebook page.

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