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Capacity building platform for RWAs in India


Confederation for Resident Welfare Associations (RWAs) is a platform for RWAs to learn, share and implement sustainable and eco-friendly community practises and tools.

Product or concept

Platform for RWAs in different cities to connect and guide each other in promoting sustainability based activities at the community premises.

Problem being solved

To solve environmental and civic challenges faced by residents of gated/apartment colonies.

Process or technology involved

  • The RWAs can register themselves on the site or call the office in Hyderabad to know more about the registration process.
  • Confederation of RWAs organises an annual conference which connects RWAs to a common platform to address the urban environment challenges faced by them.

Sustainability benefits

  • Common platform developed helps RWAs implement tested and efficient strategies for urban environmental issues.
  • Raises leadership awareness amongst RWAs in tackling urban environment challenges.

User segments that will benefit

Apartment/gated communities

People or organizations involved

Confederation of Resident Welfare Associations

Anna Nagar West Extension Association

Innovations or USPs

  • CoRWAs has transformed the RWAs in the country to a policy making Body in major issues like solid-waste management, implementation, Housing Society problems, Pollution, and other issues of urban environment.
  • Common platform engages the RWAs to implement tested solutions in an efficient manner.

Related engineering, science or business topics

Solid Waste Management

Civil Engineering

Environmental Sciences

Awards & recognitions

Recognised by Miniter or Urban Environment Sri Hardeep Singh Puri.


Other interesting highlights

CoRWA’s Annual Conference 2019 theme is “Water Conservation and Management – Role of RWAs”.

Executive Vice-President of CoRWA is from:

Anna Nagar


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