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10 water bodies to be restored by Greater Chennai Corporation, CREDAI


Greater Chennai Corporation and CREDAI Chennai have signed a memorandum of understanding to restore 10 water bodies.

Product or concept

Restoration of 10 water bodies in Ambattur, Valsaravakkam, Alandur, Perungudi and Sholinganallur by EFI, CREDAI Chennai and Chennai City Connect.

Problem being solved

Ensuring supply and conservation of freshwater through restoration of urban freshwater bodies.

Process or technology involved

  • Floor of lakes and ponds will be cleaned and made accessible.
  • Bunds will be strengthened, fenced.
  • Trees will be planted around the water bodies.

Sustainability benefits

Increase the groundwater level in urban regions through restoration and maintenance of urban freshwater bodies.

User segments that will benefit

Residential Communities

Municipal Corporation

People or organizations involved

  • CREDAI Chennai
  • Chennai City Connect
  • EFI Chennai
  • Greater Chennai Corporation

Innovations or USPs

  • CREDAI representatives said that they would engage with residents of the neighbourhoods for maintenance and sustenance of lakes.
  • Awareness session regarding the restored lakes to be held regularly.

Related engineering, science or business topics

Water Conservation

Lake Management

Resource Conservation and Management

Other interesting highlights

Since the launch of the Smart City programme in 2017, around 100 freshwater bodies have been restored in Chennai under the scheme.

Chennai Metropolitan Area


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