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Sabari Terrace in OMR harvests about 25,000 L of Rainwater in an Hour


Sabari Terrace in OMR implemented effective rainwater harvesting, waste management and tree plantation measures within the apartment premises.

Product or concept

Initiated the construction of rainwater harvesting structures and waste management strategies with the apartment community.

Problem being solved

To reduce dependency on external sources for water and waste management related concerns.

Process or technology involved

Rainwater Harvesting at the Apartment:

  • Building's terraces are connected to let rainwater into two tanks of 3,000 litre capacity each, where water is allowed to stay to allow mud and solid particles to settle down
  • The tanks are connected to the underground sump of 100,000 litres from where water goes to a treatment plant, and is collected in another sump to be directed for use.

Adopted vermicomposting where vegetable waste, dry leaves and flowers are being converted into manure.

Planting fruit trees and vertical gardens in the apartment premises to increase green cover.

Sustainability benefits

  • Rainwater system in the complex helps the residents collect a little over one litre per square foot in their terrace.
  • Planting of the fruit trees allowed to bring back the urban biodiversity of birds in the area.

User segments that will benefit

  • Apartment communities
  • Resident Welfare Associations

People or organizations involved

  • Sekhar Raghavan, Rain Centre
  • Sabari Terrace Welfare Association

Innovations or USPs

  • Planting of fruit trees and growing terrace gardens and vertical gardens.
  • Water savings due to network of rainwater harvesting structures constructed.
  • Implementing steps to ensure source segregation and composting takes place for the apartment community

Awards & recognitions

Tamil Nadu Pollution Control Board had bestowed the Green Award in 2018 to Sabari Terrace for their efforts in self-sufficiency in using resources.

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