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FIB-SOL Life Technologies Boosts Organic Farming Using Low Cost Bio-Fertilisers


FIB-SOL Life Technologies’ nanofiber applications - ultra-lightweight membranes and gel helps fertilise large areas of farmland using a small amount of the same.

Product or concept

Develops low-cost bio-fertilisers to improve crop yield and soil quality.

Problem being solved

The developed nano-fibre technologies helps to lower costs, improve crop yield, and enhance soil quality.

Process or technology involved

Products Developed:

  • The first product is an ultra-lightweight membrane to embed agri-inputs, such as fertilisers, pesticides and biostimulants. It is a 5g tissue embedded with bio-actives that can be dissolved in water and used for fertilising an acre of farmland.
  • The second product is a liquid gel (N-SOL SP) available as a 25 ml bottle in the market. Contains microbes that provide adequate nutrients and make the farmland more fertile.

The products are recommended for crops like wheat, rice, bajra, soya, ground nut, and many more

Sustainability benefits

  • Low-weight biodegradable and low-cost biofertilizer
  • Improves product shelf life for manufacturers
  • Increases inventory efficiency
  • Boost farmers’ income
  • Increases farm yield and crop health up to 20% provided reasonable weather is there.

User segments that will benefit

  • Farmers
  • Municipal Corporations

People or organizations involved

Anant Raheja, Kavitha Sairam

FIB-SOL Life Technologies

Innovations or USPs

  • Developed the products which are water soluble, nano-fiber based - has microbes embedded in it.
  • Biodegradable product – Doesn’t leave harmful residues in the soil.
  • A very small amount of nano-fibre get or drops such as 5g can be used to fertilise an acre of farmland.

Related engineering, science or business topics

  • Agricultural Sciences
  • Biotechnology

Awards & recognitions

Kavitha Sriram was among the 25 women stars selected by Forbes India as 'W-Power Trailblazers in 2018.

Office located at:



Dr S Kavitha, Director, FIB SOL Life Technologies Pvt Ltd

FIB-SOL Life Technologies, Winner of the Open Innovation Challenge -IIGP 2017

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