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Wake Our Lake Helps Villagers To Fight Water Crisis


Wake Our Lake was started to rejuvenate lakes across Chennai and other districts of Tamil Nadu, Karnataka And Andhra Pradesh.

Product or concept

Wake Our Lake provides guidelines to conserve water bodies, revive lakes and the vegetation surrounding it.

Problem being solved

Reduce acute water shortages due to improper water resource management.

Process or technology involved

  • Identify the lake/pond to be revived
  • Analysis of lake/pond’s surrounding and consultation with scientific community on an effective restoration strategy
  • Approaching different stakeholders for resources, permissions and volunteering efforts
  • Ensuring the local people are able to maintain the restored lake and the vegetation surrounding the same.

Sustainability benefits

  • Revives the local vegetation of lake’s surroundings.
  • Recharges ground water table effectively
  • Engages local community in water resource conservation and management strategies.

User segments that will benefit

  • Municipal Corporations
  • Farmers
  • Residential Communities

People or organizations involved

Saravanan Thiyagarajan

Wake Our Lake

Innovations or USPs

  • Customising the restoration of lakes depending on different aspects of geography, soil and surrounding vegetation.
  • Engagement with science and research institutions for effecting transfer and implementation of restoration knowledge.

Related engineering, science or business topics

  • Geography
  • Water Resource Management
  • Lake Restoration

Other interesting highlights

Wake Our Lake have adopted the Miyawaki method of plantation in creating  a dense forest to help the lake’s surrounding area get its green cover back.

They also give unique names to the lakes that get revived to engage people and get their attention.

Lake restoration projects located at:


Wake the Lake Drive at Sheelavanthakere Lake, Whitefield.

Wake The Lake | United Way Bengaluru

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