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Indra Terrace Garden Harvests 300 Bags of Vegetables At Their House Terrace


Indra Terrace Garden helps the average urban population with farming and terrace gardening basics.

Product or concept

Indra Terrace Garden is a platform where information regarding terrace gardening and terrace farming is easily accessible. They also have a shop where terrace gardening based materials are sold.

Problem being solved

Reduces transportation emissions involved in shifting organic produce from one focal point to another.

Process or technology involved

NM Mythreyan and V Balasubramaniam recommend that any garden have the following things:

  • Flowering plants - attract pollinating agents like butterflies, and this helps with pollination of the other plants too
  • Vegetables
  • Herbal plants - herbs prevent any kind of harmful insects or bacteria from attacking the plants
  • Spinach.

They help those to want to set up a terrace garden with supplies and advice on the  plants to choose.

Sustainability benefits

  • Ability to depend on oneself to grow the requirement of vegetables – you grow what you eat. Produce you grow on your own is devoid of any pesticides and unnecessary contaminants
  • Greywater recycling is done to water the plants.

User segments that will benefit

Residential/ Apartment Communities

People or organizations involved

Natarajan Manishankar Mythereyan, V Balasubramaniam

Indra Terrace Garden

Innovations or USPs

  • Use HDPE grow bags have set up materials that can withstand the plant growth in the terrace.
  • Use coir mixed soil which absorbs and holds water - water does not seem into the terrace.
  • For pest control, they use natural pest repellents - neem oil, castor oil, a mix of chilli, ginger and garlic extracts.

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Water Management

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Indra Gardens

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