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The Farm in Semmenchery Treats Chennai to Artisanal Food and Organic Farming


The Farm is an organic farm that also serves as a restaurant and a bed and breakfast outlet in Semmemcheri.

Product or concept

The Farm has a hospitality based model – restaurant and a bed and breakfast incorporated into the traditional farm.

Problem being solved

Reduce wastage taking place in conventional farms and promote sustainable business models along with traditional farming methods.

Process or technology involved

  • Serve and sell fresh organic dishes, most of which is grown or produced in-farm, at the restaurant and the store respectively.
  • From fresh and chemical-free grains to all types of gourds, tomatoes, beans and peas. Also they have a variety of cheese, butter, ghee, jams, pickles and even bakery products including breads.
  • Crops that cannot be grown in Chennai’s climate, they are sourced from trusted organic farmers across the country.
  • Use milk to make milk-items including sweets – don’t sell milk and they don’t purchase the same from outside.
  • The ovens used in the restaurant’s kitchen are wood ovens. So the ash from the oven is used as a natural pesticide and for scouring bigger pots.
  • The restaurant is made up of bricks and has no tiles and the furniture is made from wood procured from the farm.
  • The Farm has also increased the number of animals and poultry on the property – have cows,  water buffaloes, goats, chicken and turkeys and horses.

Sustainability benefits

  • In fact, 70 per cent of the wastage produced on our farm is used for composting and producing natural manure.
  • They use the space of the restaurant and the rest of the property to promote holistic and environmental learning, showcase handmade products and need to support more organic farmers.

User segments that will benefit

  • Residential Communities
  • Organic Farmers
  • Restaurants

Innovations or USPs

  • The Farm uses all organic ingredients in the food and in the built infrastructure of the property.
  • Use the organic farming route to create artisanal food and holistic experiences for the surrounding urban community.
  • Through the retail shop, they connect the farmer with the customer by selling fresh organic ingredients sourced from trusted organic vendors across the country.

Related engineering, science or business topics

  • Agricultural Sciences
  • Traditional Architecture
  • Animal Husbandry

Other interesting highlights

From educational tours and fun activities for the kids, to peaceful and scenic village vibes for the adults, the property has something to offer for all age groups.

Restaurant and farm located at:



The Farm | Chennai

The Farm - Family Restaurant

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