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Start-up Future Farms Is Out To Solve The Food Crisis With Clean, Soil-less Farming


Future Farms experiment with the concept of hydroponics for urban and conventional farmers and they manufacture hydroponic kits with specific components imported from foreign countries.

Product or concept

Future Farms sell different types of hydroponic kits by manufacturing and building hydroponic systems for residential and commercial farmers.

Problem being solved

Increase in growth of vegetables and crop varieties in limited land space in urban regions

Process or technology involved

  • Scientific instrumentation is imported.
  • Actual systems and product lines are built/developed in-house with local materials.
  • The leafy vegetables are grown using the nutrient film technique.
  • Driponics runs on a hybrid deep water culture technology — no water pump is needed to circulate the water, just air.
  • Aquaponic is employed – where fish is harvested and the waste is used to feed plants to grow. 
  • Plant accessories include tiny to large net pots, coco peat for base and clay pellets termed ‘leca’.
  • The focus is mostly on leafy vegetables.

Sustainability benefits

  • Systems are lightweight and earth-free, thereby reducing pesticides.
  • Reduced water consumption by a whopping 90 percent.
  • Cut down farming cost by half.
  • Increased yield (it says it manages four acres worth of produce in a single acre), Accelerated the growth cycle (seed to plant takes about 35 days now).

User segments that will benefit

  • Residential Communities
  • Restaurants
  • Urban Farmers
  • Grocery Shops

People or organizations involved

Sriram Gopal

Future Farms

Innovations or USPs

  • Multilevel stakeholder interaction for latest technology input - working with the Horticultural Department of Tamil Nadu; in aquaponics, they are involved with the Rajiv Gandhi Centre for aquaculture, with its Tilapia fish centre in Vijayawada.
  • Future Farm products are on par with EU standards. 

Related engineering, science or business topics

  • Mechanical Engineering
  • Agricultural Sciences
  • Water Resource Conservation
  • Biotechnology

Awards & recognitions

Future Farms was a part of Stanford Seed Program, a year-long leadership programme designed for high-potential Indian business leaders and start-up founders to scale their ventures.

Other interesting highlights

Future Farms now grows 16 crop varieties, classified under English Exotic, Asian Exotic and Indian Exotic, across 15 acres of land spread over 10 states.

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