Featuring the best of green in Chennai

Sante Spa in Nungambakkam shines the light on organic and healthy eating


Sante Spa has curated a artisanal experience in healthy and organic eating habits amongst the vegan restaurants in Chennai.

Product or concept

The restaurant provides vegan, gluten free Continental and Mediterranean dishes using organic ingredients.

Problem being solved

Cultivating sustainable and healthy eating habits amongst younger generations.

Process or technology involved

Built Infrastructure/furniture/utensils:

  • The furniture is made of cane, and the crockery, — thick round discs that serve as plates, and bowls for dips — are neem wood. The straws are rolled up banana leaves, and the glasses, copper.
  • Place to serve as a spot for relaxation and de-stressing. That’s why everything you see here is white and green


  • They make their own bread and butter- available in a variety of flavours and types.
  • Use activated charcoal in their food.
  • Do not use refined or processed Which means ragi pizzas and khandasari sugar in desserts.
  • While most of the ingradients are bought locally, the ones that cannot be grown in Chennai’s climate are sourced from trusted organic farmers.

Sustainability benefits

  • Healthy ingredients that are cooked in a way that does not reduce their nutritional value.
  • Organically grown and locally purchased ingredients that reduce transportation pollution.
  • Reduce plastic waste and food waste in a restaurant.

User segments that will benefit

  • Residential Community
  • Restaurants
  • Organic Farmers
  • Urban Farmers

People or organizations involved

Ambika Chowgule and Trivesh Marlecha

Sante Spa

Innovations or USPs

  • Rethinking popular global cuisine in local flavours and locally available produce.
  • Use of repurposing furniture, use of traditional utensils in a innovative manner and sustainable interior design of the restaurant.
  • Serve appropriate portions to reduce food wastage in the restaurant.

Related engineering, science or business topics

  • Agricultural Sciences
  • Sustainable Interior Design

Other interesting highlights

Chennai is the 6th city that Sante Spa is opening in. The restaurant started in 2015 in Pune.

Restaurant located at:



Women's Glory India | Ms Sonal Barmecha | Founder Sante Spa Cuisine | Category- Concept Restaurant

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Fusion from spas in the kitchen : The article talks about how the cuisine in Sante Spa is healthy, nutritious and have also become popular in the recent times.

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Sante Spa - Zomato : For more information regarding the menu, you can check out Sante Spa on the Zomato app.

Sante Spa - Nungambakkam : Fore more information regarding the cuisine, you can contact them directly through their website.

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