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Anthony Raj: Indigenous architecture can make earth a better place


Antony Raj established the Centre for Indigenous Architecture in 2012.

Product or concept

Indigenous architecture is the use of eco-friendly materials and indigenous architectural techniques to design and construct a house.

Problem being solved

Reduce the energy, use of poor quality materials and cost of constructing houses in an unsustainable manner in urban areas.

Process or technology involved

Indigenous architecture, involves the use of climate-responsive techniques, appropriate materials and local artisans, in design and construction.

Construction Style and Technique:

  • The style of construction, is one that promotes thermal comfort.
  • Employ traditional construction techniques, such as rammed earth walls, unplastered/ exposed brick walls, sloped clay-tiled roofs, filler slabs, terracotta tile floors, oxidised floors etc.
  • It involves minimal use of cement, steel, paint, glass and other manufactured goods.
  • The core building design, is concentrated on two aspects – shading and ventilation. Hence the spaces are naturally lit and ventilated, to minimise the need for electricity.
  • This technique is labour intensive.

Sustainability benefits

  • Provides natural ventilation and thermal comfort, hence reducing dependence on the same as well as the utility costs.
  • Planting of native trees is encouraged even as the construction commences.
  • Recycling of waste water building traditional root-zone pits to feed the plants on site.

In other words, each of our campuses are designed to be as much self-sufficient as possible and thus minimize its carbon footprint.

User segments that will benefit

  • Real Estate Developers
  • Residential Communities

People or organizations involved

Antony Raj

Centre for Indigenous Architecture

Innovations or USPs

  • Indigenous Architecture stays focused on proper ventilation, lighting, and other holistic factors which enhance our health.
  • There is minimal dependence on electricity, and no need for air-conditioning.
  • This ensures that the habitat is eco-friendly and climate-sensitive

Related engineering, science or business topics

  • Architecture
  • Civil Engineering

Other interesting highlights

Antony Raj does not have a degree in architecture but went on to establish the centre due to inspiration and determination to spread awareness on indigenous architecture methods.

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