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Luxury Hotel Chains in Chennai Going Green - ITC, Westin, Taj, Crowne Plaza, Holiday Inn


Majority of the luxury hotel brands in Chennai have implemented environment friendly hospitality practises.

Product or concept

Sustainable and eco-friendly operational measures that reduce the hotel's carbon footprint and utility costs.

Problem being solved

Reduce usage/wastage of water, waste and electricity in the operational requirements of running a hotel.

Process or technology involved

  • Water Conservation Measures:

Water consumption has steadily decreased due to the efficient use of recycled water from the sewage treatment plant (STP).

Operating the fountains and water bodies only when needed.

Changing the laundry programme - to decrease washing cycles and reusing items such as towels, etc.

By installing low flow urinals, kitchen faucets and efficient flush systems.

Controlling the water pressure and introducing eco-friendly chemicals in their in-house laundry room.

Using paper napkins instead of fabric ones. The paper napkins score over fabric since they are made from recycled material, and are free of dyes and bleach.

Aerators and atomisers in taps and showers that reduce water usage without affecting performance.


  • Waste Reduction Measures:


20-litre bubble-top dispensers have replaced the plastic bottles customarily placed in rooms.

ITC serves its own water in glass bottles in the hotel. It reduces plastic pollution, since ITC Grand Chola serves about 400-600 bottles a day.

Shampoo and shower gel dispensers used instead of single use toiletries.


Approximately 90% of the food waste generated is converted into manure, with an in-house organic waste convertor machine. The balance, which cannot be composted, is sent to pig farms inn the outskirts of the city.


  • Electricity:

Electricity needs are met through renewable sources such as wind farms and rooftop solar panels.

Programmable Heating Ventilation and Air Conditioning (HVAC) system

Roof is a combination of green roofing, reflective paints, and high SRI (Solar Reflective Index) finish on the domes to reduce thermal gradient differences after sunlight h

Sustainability benefits

  • Reduces utility costs through the different water conservation and energy conservation measures implemented in the hotel such as - 100% of the electrical energy requirements being met by renewable energy and water savings have increased by 40-45% at the ITC Grand Chola.
  • Waste management measures taken at hotel reduce amount of waste being sent to landfills. For example, close to 100% of all solid waste is either recycled or reused at the ITC Grand Chola.

User segments that will benefit

Waste Management Organisations

Luxury Hotel Chains

Water Management Organisations

HVAC System Companies

Energy Management Companies

People or organizations involved

  • ITC Grand Chola Guindy
  • The Westin Velachery
  • Taj Coromandel Nungambakkam
  • Crowne Plaza Chennai Alwarpet
  • Holiday Inn OMR
  • Novotel Group of Hotels – OMR, SIPCOT
  • Citadines, OMR

Innovations or USPs

  • Simple measures of innovation such as using paper napkins instead of fabric ones.
  • Placement of shower gel and shampoo dispensers instead of single use toiletries to reduce plastic in restaurants.
  • Using in house organic machine instead of sending waste away to waste management organisations.
  • Reusing the STP treated water for the garden, cooling tower and the guest rooms.

Related engineering, science or business topics

  • Water and Waste Conservation
  • Renewable Energy
  • Sustainable Business Studies
  • Energy Conservation 

Hotels located in:

Chennai Metropolitan Area


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