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Maya Ganesh Helps Schools Build Edible Gardens for Students


Maya Ganesh, an independent regenerative farming consultant, helps schools develop farms and green spaces.

Product or concept

The school gardens are inspired from different methods of natural farming such as Agroecology principles, Permaculture strategies, Miyawaki Method of afforestation and Masanobu Fukuoka’s method of organic farming.

Problem being solved

Spread awareness amongst school students regarding natural farming practises and nutrition gardens.

Process or technology involved

  • Permaculture design is a closed-loop system where all the waste generated in the system has to go back into the system
  • The key to making the garden system successful is biodiversity. So today, even on a small garden bed on the campus, you may find 20 different plants. Most of them are edible, and the biodiversity helps keep pest attacks and weeds at bay.
  • Native seeds are sourced locally.
  • Every inch of outdoor spaces that the school has, now grows herbs, vegetables, fruits, shrubs, herbs, flowers, medicinal plants, and even fibres. The plantation is diverse with a mix of hardy perennials and fewer annuals to create a permanent, self-sustaining, biodiverse system.
  • The produce is not sold commercially, and is instead distributed among students, teacher-facilitators, staff and everyone within the school community.

Sustainability benefits

  • It’s a closed loop system, so waste generated goes back as compost for the soil.
  • No addition of pesticides to keep away pests and weed due to biodiversity of plants raised.

User segments that will benefit

  • Schools
  • Residential Communities

People or organizations involved

Maya Ganesh,

Independent regenerative farming consultant

Innovations or USPs

  • Different natural farming methods are being practised and taught to the kids.
  • Imparts collaboration based skillsets as they work as a team, are part of a strong and inclusive environment, and hence learn to break away from an exploitative mindset.

Related engineering, science or business topics

  • Agricultural Sciences
  • Ecology

Other interesting highlights

Special guests in the fields of soil biology, botany, farming and ecology are invited to interact with the students in school.

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