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Mangalam Balasubramanian – Face of Waste Management


Mangalam Balasubramaniam has been promoting source segregation of waste for the past 20 years through Exnora Green Pammal.

Product or concept

Encouraged the use of waste as a raw material in generating renewable energy, compost as well as employment

Problem being solved

Prevent and minimise the generation of waste and responsible disposal of the same.

Process or technology involved

  • Over the years, Exnora Green Pammal (EGP) has kept up with the latest technology and trends in waste management and technology.
  • In 2010, Mangalam incepted the concept of fuelling kitchens using methane gas extracted from food waste
  • EGP collects waste from restaurants, roadside eateries and houses, removes the plastics and converts the waste into biogas at its bio-methanation plant in Sankar Nagar, Pammal.
  • Through their citizens’ social responsibility (CSR) activities, they ensure community partnership in spreading awareness about sustainable waste management practices in any community.

Sustainability benefits

  • Effective public-private partnerships in spreading and implementing waste management practises.
  • Through this they have empowered many with employment opportunities.

User segments that will benefit

  • Restaurants
  • Temple Management
  • Resident Welfare Organisations
  • Corporate Social Responsibility Departments
  • Municipal Corporation

People or organizations involved

Mangalam Subramanian

Exnora Green Pammal

Innovations or USPs

  • Provides technical expertise in Corporate Social Responsibility projects related to waste management for the past 10 years.
  • Conducts training and awareness programs at grassroot levels on source segregation and good waste management at residential and commercial locations.

Related engineering, science or business topics

Waste Management

Awards & recognitions

  • Green Pammal has been awarded the Golden Peacock Award for eco-innovation, the Exnora International Excellence Award, and the Social and Corporate Governance Innovation Award from the Bombay Stock Exchange, the NASSCOM Foundation and the Times Foundation.
  • Green Pammal’s work has been documented and promoted by Unicef, and commended by UN Habitat as a promising practice for improving the living environment.

Other interesting highlights

In 2017, Mangalam Balasubramanian started the source segregation and waste management practises at Kapaleeswarar Temple.

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Dreams India's Real Hero No.1 - Ms. Mangalam Balasubramanian

Exnora Green Pammal

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