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IIT Madras Team Develops The World’s First Iron Ion Battery


IIT-Madras' iron-ion battery promises a low-cost stable alternative to the existing mainstream lithium-ion battery.

Product or concept

Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) Madras researchers have for the first time fabricated a rechargeable iron ion battery.

Problem being solved

Increase safety concerning lithium battery usage and reduces cost of manufacturing of the same.

Process or technology involved

The Iron Ion Battery contains the following:

  • The battery comprises an anode made of low-carbon steel rather than pure iron.
  • The cathode is made of vanadium pentoxide, which is appropriate for the development of iron ion, because of its bigger gap.
  • The iron-ion battery likewise uses iron chlorate as the electrolyte.

Sustainability benefits

  • Creating iron-ion batteries is a generally modest procedure when contrasted with delivering lithium-ion batteries, which are an inconvenience due to high manufacturing costs.
  • Iron Ion batteries are more secure to use due to iron's inadequacy to make dendrites, which, thus, averts a short out.
  • Features slightly better storage capacity and stability compared to the traditional lithium-ion batteries.

User segments that will benefit

  • Researcher/Innovator
  • Renewable Energy Company
  • Battery Management Companies

People or organizations involved

Dr. S Ramaprabhu,

Alternative Energy and Nanotechnology Laboratory

IIT Madras

Innovations or USPs

  • The iron-ion battery accompanies better stockpiling capacities and steadiness, which demonstrates to be an edge over lithium-ion batteries in the market.
  • The power maintenance of iron ion batteries after charging and releasing cycles delivered decent analysis.

Related engineering, science or business topics

  • Battery Technology
  • Chemical Engineering
  • Electrical Engineering

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IIT Madras Team Made World's First Iron Ion Battery for EVs

India Develops World's 1st IRON ION battery, better than Lithium ones?

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Konda Shiva : He is currently the team lead for Solid State Battery Group at IIT - Madras Research Park, Taramani.

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Dr.M.Siluvai Michael : Dr.M.Siluvai Michael has been in the teaching and research field since 1999. She also has 3 patents to her name till now in the field of chemical engineering.

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