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    Individual shows determined efforts in establishing a sustainable home

    On a cool jaunt inside an eco-friendly house

    The home of D Suresh, popularly known as ‘Solar Suresh’, is an eco-friendly house that runs on solar panels and biogas, follows rainwater harvesting, and grows fresh vegetables on its terrace-cum-kitchen garden.

    • An IIT-Madras and IIM-Ahmedabad graduate, Suresh, popularly known as Solar Suresh, has not only made his home completely sustainable in energy, water and waste management, he also actively educates the rest of Chennai how to replicate it.
    • He has installed a 3 kWp rooftop solar plant which which provides around 12-16 units a day, 2 types of rainwater harvesting systems installed – one for storage and second is for recharging ground water and has a terrace kitchen garden supporting the growth of 15 types of vegetables.


    • Solar Suresh's home is located at: Kilpauk

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