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    Handmade soap bars take a traditional and organic route

    Natural soaps and skincare products from Chennai entrepreneurs

    French Vanilla, orange cinnamon, oats milk-honey and almond are all part of Chennai's towering handmade soap catalogue. With all-natural skincare an internet search away, people are making a conscious switch to organic bathing bars by the minute.

    • Rashmi Prithviraj, founder of Skinsense says that the shift towards handmade soaps is not just about appearances and fragrances but informed priorities, people want more natural, chemical free products.
    • The Soap Factory gives a traditional touch to the Parisian/Egyptian art of soap making by incorporating traditional South Indian recipes.
    • Chennai Soap Companybest selling bars' are those that carry whiffs of Chennai - beach scenes or coffee scent.
    • Ohayo’s creations reflect the founder’s musical choices, using soap-making as a canvas for art exploration.


    • Soaps are available in organic stores located at: Adyar

    Read more: The Times of India

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