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    Resident Associations ensure sustainable green cover increase

    A “forest” raised in a burial ground with Miyawaki method

    The initiative is about raising a Miyawaki-style plantation on a parcel of land at a burial ground in Sholinganallur. Recently, R. Suresh of FOMRRA and Sneha Kuryan Reddy of Community Leadership Circle unveiled a part of the work done so far, and the project seems to be proceeding well on a sustainability track.

    • Federation of OMR Residents Association (FOMRRA) and Community Leadership Circlealong with support and help from Chennai Corporation have initiated sustainable greening practises such as Miyawaki method, composting to ensure green cover is introduced in a sustainable manner.
    • Chennai Equitation Centre (CEC) has pitched in to help the members prepare the soil in a multi-layered fashion using horse dung and rice straws.



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