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    Cycle sharing system set up in selected office and college campuses

    This startup is building shared mobility for corporate campuses and townships

    Tilt, a bike-sharing startup which started in SRM Chennai, has identified a niche in the shared mobility space and wants to monopolise it. It was inspired by good transportation solutions and the public bike-sharing system in cities like Boston and Paris.

    • Tilt is live in campuses across the country, having recorded over 60,000 hours of cycling with about 25,000 users in the first eights months of 2019.
    • Between 2017 and 2019, Tilt ran successful micro-pilots with Nashik Municipal Corporation and Nashik Smart City Development Corporation.
    • The company specifically works with enterprises, corporations and townships where the employees and residents can unlock the bikes using their ID cards.


    • SRM University located at: Tambaram
    • Tilt


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