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Kapra Lake Water Hyacinth to be Converted to Organic Fertilizer

The lake is located at:

Kapra near Sainikpuri, Hyderabad


Organic Compost from Water Hyacinth

Water Hyacinth as Compost

EFI's Kapra Lake Clean-up Story

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A simple anaerobic composting - video : Makes anaerobic composting look pretty simple; perhaps it indeed is!

Using water hyacinth to make animal feed - video : So, it isn't just compost, you can also make valuable animal feed

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Here's a rapid green composting invention from IICT Hyderabad : A solar-energy based rapid composting solution that can convert a range of bio-waste into fertilizer fairly quickly.

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Dr Gangagni Rao IICT : Profile and background of Dr Rao who is one of the experts behind the accelerated anaerobic composting technique

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Simple home composting - video : For those keen on kicking off home composting but not sure about the best way to do it, here's a well-done video

Composting in a limited space within an apartment : Here's a video of a Mumbaikar getting excellent compost from her house's organic waste. If you can compost in a Mumbai residence with its limited real estate, reckon you can do it anywhere

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How a lake can be choked by water hyacinth - video : You have to see it to believe the extent to which water hyacinth can choke lakes from this video of Lake Victoria in Kenya

How I built an anerobic hot compost heap : Take a relaxed journey with Rick Larson on building a simple anaerobic compost heap right there in your garden

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