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Community Cleaning of Shaikpet Kotha Cheruvu Lake

Some lakes that have already been rejuvenated and some being rejuvenated are located at:

Shaikpet (Shaikpet Kotha Cheruvu), Kondapur (Neknampura lake, Kudi Kunta lake)


Cleansing of Shekpet Kotha Cheruvu

Bengaluru is witnessing a transformation, one lake at a time

Rejuvenation of Neknampur Lake

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How much do you know about lake pollution? Check out the resources below

Do you know of a lake that catches fire? : Bengaluru’s failure in managing solid waste and lack of a sewage management plan explain repeated incidents of Bellandur lake catching fire

Why the Bellandur lake catches fire : A detailed account from the National Geographic

Lake conservation & awareness : A detailed presentation from the Central Pollution Control Board, Bengaluru

Case study of Kudikunta Lake Restoration : As part of its Water Series, WDO presents the Kudikunta Restoration project in Hyderabad (India) – a project where designers work with local communities in a concerted effort to revive the surface water bodies in the city.

Hyderabad's Lakes & Rivers : For those keen on knowing about the water bodies that are in Hyderabad and their status, here's a detailed report

Nature's water purifiers help clean up lakes - a BBC report : More and more of our waterways are being starved of life through pollution. One simple, yet improbable, solution? Cover rafts in plants.

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Protecting the Urban Lakes of Hyderabad : This is a funded project for protecting and rejuvenating the lakes of Hyderabad. Get to know more and find out how you too can get involved

NGOs involved in lake cleaning activities in Hyderabad with community partnerships : Druvansh ( ), Kriti Foundation ( ), Udayan Foundation, Ananda Foundation, SAHE (, Youth for Seva ( )

Environmentalist Foundation of India : A unique NGO focussing solely on water bodies restoration. Operates in 12 states including Telangana

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Ponds & Lakes - a journey through the life aquatic - from Nature magazine : What is the status of our lakes & ponds? A well researched report from Nature magazine

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