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HMWSSB offers treated water from Hyderabad STPs

Such water is proposed to be supplied mainly from STPs at the following locations:

Amberpet, Nagole, Nallacheruvu, Durgam Cheruvu


HMWSSB Launches Water Recycling System

Sewage Water Treatment Plants in Hyderabad - Waste Water Purification

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So, can we really drink treated sewage water? : If you thought it was unimaginable, just read the report to see how even advanced countries such as Australia are already drinking treated sewage water!

Recycled water for water : Here's a detailed article that busts the myths about recycled waste water and its suitability for drinking

How does sewage treatment work? : How many times have had experienced an excellent storytelling about....sewage? Here's one from The Scientific American. Read it, you will feel a much higher intimacy with something you never would have imagined you would.

How much do you know about your...poop? : Wow, this report on our from Vox is quite enlightening. Read it, that's the least you can do for your...poop

How does a modern septic tank work? : This is about the septic tanks that many non urban households still have. Understand all the components of a modern septic tank and how it works

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List of STPs in Hyderabad : You may want to visit an STP near you to understand more about its operations. It will be useful to get some official permissions before you visit.

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Sanitary & Wastewater Engineering Course Details : Details are from the IHE Delft Univ, Netherlands, but it should be interesting for anyone wanting to do further studies or make a career in waste water treatment

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Waste water treatment plant tour : Here's a detailed video tour of how a modern sewage waste water treatment plant works - from "Flush to Finish"

How toilets work? - From HowStuffWorks : How many times have you thought about how the stuff we use almost everyday - the toilet - works? Here's a detailed tour of the toilet.

European sewer tours : Well, these are not in India but interesting all the same. You can go on an organized sewer tour in many countries in Europe. Who knew!

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