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Water Bottle Shredding Machines at Hyderabad Railway Stations

Shredding machines available at:

Secunderabad Railway Station, Hyderabad Railway Station, Kacheguda Railway Station, Lingampally Railway Station, Hitech-city Railway Station, Begumpet Railway Station, Necklace Road Railway Station


Video from The Hindu

Video from V6 News Telugu

Video from Hindustan Times

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Plastic recycling is an evolving domain. Learn the concepts and processes involved from the resources here.

How are plastic bottles recycled into Polyester - Videos : From plastic bottles to fashion clothing. Check out this video of all the processes involved.

Plastics Recycling Details & Insights from Cambridge Univ. : Excellent perspectives, data and insights on plastics and plastics recycling

How India is trying to solve its plastic waste problem : As the plastic waste menace increases in scale around the world, scientists, entrepreneurs and engineers have begun to come up with solutions that help to reduce it.

Energy balance for plastic recycling : How much better is recycling a plastic bottle as against making one from scratch? A nice comparison from the Cambridge Univ

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Samki Group : Experts in a range of waste to energy solutions, including plastic waste

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Plastic bottle shredding machine at the Hyderabad airport : So it not just railway stations, also the airport has it. You should perhaps look out for it next time you are out there

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Design and production of plastic shredder - Video : Now, this is a nice detailed video on how to make a plastic shredder - details provided on components, shredding mechanism and more...

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Interested in plastics recycling as a career, research or business opportunity? Some resources here could be of help

Banyan Nation : This award Hyderabad-based waste recycling company has a special focus on plastic recycling

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