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Hyderbad's Banka BioLoo's Bio-toilets

Banka BioLoo offices at:

Lakdi ka pool, Punjagutta


Details of DRDO Biodigester Toilet

Down to Earth Interview of Namita Banka

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Home BioGas : An Israeli company that makes company bio-toilets for residences. Has customers in over 100 countries

DRDO bio-toilet technology : Detailed presentation of the DRDO's bio-toilet technology, its components and processes

Biogas plant development handbook : Wow, a really detailed guide for those keen on understanding all about biogas generation from waste

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From toilets to IPO - a report on Banka Bioloo's IPO : For those interested to know more about the business growth of Banka Bioloo, this is a useful report

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BankaBio Corporate Office : The company's corporate office is at Punjagutta, Hyderabad. The address is available on their web site.

All Hyderabad Metro Stations to Have Waterless Urinals : Bio-toilet urinals installed at Miyapur, Kukatpally, JNTU, Rasoolpura metro stations (as of Jun 2018). Check them out when you are at any of these metro stations

Clients of Banka Bioloo : List of corporate and government clients where the bio-toilets have been installed

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Details of licencing the DRDO bio-toilet technology : Details provided on how to license the bio-digester toilet technology invented by DRDO

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How does a biogas plant work? - Video : The bio-toilet's principles are the same as those for biodigesters. So it will indeed be nice to know how biodigesters work, as you can from this detailed video

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