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Helping farmers in food processing through solar drying cabinets


The Solar Dryer Cabinet, developed by Hyderabad-based NGO SEED, is a solar energy based dryer developed for agricultural and food products.

Product or concept

  • Solar thermal based drying for agricultural produce.

  • The Direct Solar Cabinet Driers made by the organization SEED are used to dry fruits, vegetables & food items in moderate drying temperatures (45–55°C).

Problem being solved

Reducing and minimizing wastage of fruits and vegetables through a cost effective and sustainable drying process

Process or technology involved

  • Solar thermal based drying.
  • Drying of fruits & vegetables in low-temperature and limited air flow solar dryer cabinets

Sustainability benefits

  • Reducing post harvest agricutural waste of food crops, fruits and vegetables
  • Use of sustainable energy source with very low carbon footprint
  • Supporting rural entrepreneurs

User segments that will benefit

  • Farmers - producers of fruits, vegetables, forest products, spices, medicinal herbs
  • Rural entrepreneurs
  • Manufacturers of food items such as noodles & pickles
  • Select chemical producers such as cellulose & silicon carbide

People or organizations involved

  • Prof Ramakrishna Rao
  • Society for Energy, Environment & Development - Hyderabad

Innovations or USPs

  • Modular and easily transportable
  • Special blue glass filter to cut off UV radiation
  • Controlling solar intensity for special applications to simulate shade drying

Related engineering, science or business topics

  • Physics
  • Solar energy, Solar thermal
  • Agricultural sciences. Agritech
  • Food processing
  • Thermodynamics
  • Rural entrepreneurship

Awards & recognitions

NABARD Award for Rural Innovations 2012 for Solar Food Processing and Dryers

Who can contribute or get involved?

  • Farmers
  • Students of Agriculture, Energy, Physics
  • NGOs working with rural communities
  • Food & beverages companies

Other interesting highlights

Over 1000 rural women, youth and self-help groups have been trained on the solar cabinet dryers at the SEED offices in Hyderabad and its rural training center in Tholkatta village

SEED office is located at:

Jubilee Hills


SEED NGO's Solar Cabinet Success Story

Solar Dryer Technology

About SEED

SEED Nabard Award

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SEED Solar cabinet dryers details and specifications : Prof. M Ramakrishna Rao and Mr G Harikrishna discuss a success story of solar cabinet dryers developed by SEED that achieved a milestone by recording the highest temperature in Leh, Ladakh region of Jammu & Kashmir. In this way, these solar dryers are most suitable for drying apricots and tomatoes to increase their shelf life and to add value to the products.

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SEED Training Programs : SEED conducts regular training programs on solar drying and related areas. Contact the relevant person through their web site to know more

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Solar Dryer Parabola - Video : A detailed video of a large solar dryer built in Vietnam. Works on the principles of greenhouse drying for agricultural products such as bananas, tomatoes, chili, coffee, cocoa, spices and herbs, etc. The video also shows how it feels to be inside the solar dryer, so you can get a feeling of being there, feeling it!

Forced Circulation Solar Dryer in Punjab : A case study of an efficient solar dryer used in the Jalandhar district of Punjab

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