GreenExpo is about enabling Indian cities go green & sustainable. We do this by creating awareness about city-specific energy & environmental related sustainability efforts.

How is Green Expo different from other online resources?

Our conviction is that, knowledge of environmental projects/products happening in your vicinity, and relevant contacts with city experts can make a dramatic difference to the adoption of sustainability projects in urban regions across India. It is this conviction that gives the site its focus and differentiation.

Green Expo And You

Green Showcase provides brief case studies and highlights of current initiatives and efforts in diverse sustainability domains - electrical vehicles, sustainable energy, lake restoration, wetland management, sustainable farming practises, waste management initiatives, environment friendly communities and more. It hence is a focussed reference material to understand more about each effort and the topics related to it.

Green Updates provide brief Chennai-focussed sustainability updates from diverse online sources - newspapers, portals and more. Think of it as a one-stop aggregator of all green news and updates for Chennai.

Why Chennai?

As GreenExpo is city-focussed, it is important to start with a focus on one city before expanding to provide similar value to other cities. As the team that runs GreenExpo is from Chennai, it is a logical starting city. And the default choice is an excellent one as well - as you will see from the plenty of green stuff that's happening in Chennai.

Why Chennai?

How can you make use of GreenExpo?

The initiatives that are documented here are ones that are relevant to many sections of the population, and quite a few of these can be implemented with only a little effort. To assist you further, we have provided links for you to learn more about the subject, given relevant contact details of individuals in the city you can get in touch with and access to curated Do-it-yourself videos and sites that help you explore the related ideas as well.

Tell us your ideas for new sections or improving the existing sections by calling Varsha Ram +91 7358263274 or do send in your suggestions to

Team Behind Green Expo

GreenExpo has been conceptualised and implemented by EAI (Energy Alternatives India), a leading market and management consulting firm with a focus on clean energy & cleantech.