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City Temples Leading the Way in Waste Management


Temples in the city have set up processes to manage the waste generated in their premises.

Product or concept

Temple managements have joined forces with waste management organisations for assistance in minimizing waste generation, effective utilisation and disposal of the same during everyday activities.

Problem being solved

Reducing the quantity of biodegradable waste ending up in landfills and water bodies.

Process or technology involved

There are several measures taken by the temples in the city – some of which are listed below:

Biogas Plant at Kapaleeswarar Temple.

  • Kapaleeswarar Temple has installed two biogas units.
  • Biogas is produced using 150 kg of cowdung mixed with equal quantities of water.
  • Biosgas produced is used to cook food for “Annadhanam” for devotees.
  • Left over slurry is mixed with vegetable waste and composted. This is then used to maintain the temple garden.

Composting Pots at Padmanabha Swamy temple:

  • Big bins having 250 kg capacity used to compost leftover food and flowers.
  • Workers are trained in segregating waste.
  • Manure generated is donated to the devotees.

Smart Waste Management at Sri Rathnagireeswarar temple:

  • Follow multi pronged approach with source segregation, wet waste composting within temple premises, disposal of recyclables, ban on plastic use within the temple, and ensuring zero food waste generated at the temple premises.
  • 5 – 10 kilograms of flower waste generated from the temple everyday is aerobically composted.
  • Ban on Styrofoam cups and awareness in use of alternatives such as thayyal ilai and paper
  • Oil bottles and milk sachets are given to recycling companies

Floral composting in temples around Mylapore.

  • A K Kannan collects flowers from 21 temples across Chennai and transfers them to composting units.
  • Kannan collects as much as 150kgs of flower waste everyday and transfers them to the compost bins in MRC Nagar, Alwarpet and MRTS Mandaveli
  • The manure is sold at Rs 40 to citizens

Waste Segregation at Amman temple

  • Segregates the floral waste

Sustainability benefits

  • Increased awareness about effective waste management measures amongst temple goers, flower sellers and temple authorities.
  • Reduced cost in fuel expenditure for temple kitchens.

User segments that will benefit

Temple Management

Waste Management Organisations

Municipal Corporations

People or organizations involved

  • Exnora Green Pammal
  • Hindu Religious and Charitable Endowments Department.
  • ITC’s Mangaldeep Green Temple Mission
  • Namma Ooru Foundation
  • Municipal Corporation

Innovations or USPs

Awareness amongst temple administration has reduced waste generation and driven waste segregation principles in the communities surrounding the temple.

Related engineering, science or business topics

Waste Management

Other interesting highlights

MLAs in Mylapore areas have encouraged and provided support for such initiatives at their own corporation offices.

Temples located in:

Chennai Metropolitan Area


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Make a visit to get a first-hand experience

Kapaleeswarar Temple - Mylapore : You can visit the place Kapaleeswarar Temple for more information regarding the waste management practises.

Sri Rathnagireeswarar Temple - Besant Nagar : You can visit the Sri Rathnagireeswarar Temple to understand how waste management can be implemented within the premises.

Anantha Padmanabha Swamy Temple - Gandhi Nagar : The Anantha Padmanabha Swamy Temple has implemented composting mechanisms in its premises.

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Namma Ooru Foundation - Contact : For more information on waste management techniques in temples, you can contact them through their website.

Exnora Green Pammal - Contact Us : For more information regarding the activities/ services they provide, you can contact them through their website.

Hindu Religious and Charitable Endowments Department - Contact : For more information regarding the support provided by them, you can contact them through the details listed on the site.

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