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Green App “Treepedia” Helps Common Man Learn About Native Trees in Tamil Nadu


Sudha Ramen developed an app that lists native trees that can be grown in Tamil Nadu.

Product or concept

Sudha Ramen developed the android application called Tamil Nadu Treepedia, a thesaurus of native trees that people can grow in their gardens, backyards and farms.

Problem being solved

Increase green cover through plantation and maintenance of native trees in urban regions.

Process or technology involved

Treepedia is a digital repository of native trees grown in Tamil Nadu.

  • Tamil Nadu Treepedia has four sections: trees categorised based on their species, types, the location they can be found in, and the fourth — tree finder — a refined search where you put in the soil type, terrain type and the rainfall in your region in order to look up the trees that can thrive the best. 
  • The app is meant for anyone who is interested in gardening and focused on farmers who want to diversify their harvests.

Sustainability benefits

  • Encourages growth of native trees so that the natural ecosystem continues to thrive.
  • Easy access to knowledge regarding the native tree heritage and plantation possibilities as per a person’s needs, region and capacity.
  • Reduces additional environmental/ecological burden when monocropping, focusing on non-native species, and planting crops without proper knowledge of soil and climatic conditions.

User segments that will benefit

  • Farmers – Urban and Non-urban
  • Anyone with an interest in horticulture

People or organizations involved

Sudha Ramen,

Tamil Nadu Forest Department

Innovations or USPs

  • The app has useful information like video tutorials on various planting techniques, agroforestry models based on zones, plantation calculator, glossary, and a locator to find the nearest forest office et cetera.
  • This app clearly specifies the tree-crop relationship, by which the farmer can supplement his income. The details of inter crops and the inter-cropping models are also provided in the Treepedia app.
  • The App is bilingual (English and Tamil) to reach a wider population range in Tamil Nadu

Related engineering, science or business topics

  • Agricultural Sciences
  • Horticulture
  • Ecology
  • Forestry

Awards & recognitions

Recipient of Dr Kalam Award for Innovation in Governance

Other interesting highlights

Tamil Nadu state government under the scheme Tamil Nadu Innovative Initiatives funded this project and the Tamil Nadu Forest Department supported Sudha Ramen by all means to complete this project.

Chennai Metropolitan Area


Treepedia app is here to solve doubts related to trees!

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