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    Sustainable agriculturist introduces organic farming methods to school students

    TN woman helps schools, anganwadis build edible gardens for students!

    From dry patches to creating a biodiverse system that boasts of flowers, fruit trees, herbs, fibre, dye, shrubs, vegetables, birds, insects, worms and microorganisms and small reptiles—these students have come a long way in the last three years.

    • Miyawaki Method of Afforestation, Permaculture and Agro-ecology principles are all natural farming methods taught by Maya Ganesh to school students. She is involved in regenerative farming and helps schools develop green spaces through permaculture design.
    • Under the initiative, kids from class 1 - 12 plant 20 different native or indigenous varieties in the school campus.
    • The school is now extending its sends, cutting and saplings to the anganwadis, where Maya works with volunteers to create nutrition gardens



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